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[Many more people…? Oh~ Just where has she gotten to, she wondered.]

I-I’m Gumi… [Greenie? Well, she certainly didn’t like the way she was addressed. But she won’t complain and just start an unnecessary fight. She isn’t the type for it anyway, plus the one in front of her looked like someone to not mess with as well.] And can I ask who you are?

Gumi.《 a peculiar name, she thought. but, she decided not to point that out, since, she couldn’t really talk herself. kneesocks wasn’t exactly anymore stranger. 》 I shall make sure I remember your name.

Kneesocks. A pleasure to meet your acquaintance. 《 /spoke rather monotonously 》

[Indeed. Her eyes widened only a tiny bit, making sure it wouldn’t be noticable. Did she just… She was named after clothing? That’s is something she never heard before. But maybe she was from another place, perhaps, where that was normal? Who knows.] 

It is pleasure to meet you too. [She looked around, observing the place, before turning her gaze back at Kneesocks.] What kind of place is this?

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